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Mobile Med Kit Ages 2-3 yrs

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Mobile Med Kit Ages 2-3 yrs
Mobile Med Kit Ages 2-3 yrs
Mobile Med Kit Ages 2-3 yrs

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Product OverviewMobile Med Kit Ages 2-3 yrs

Tickle their funny bone and make checkups fun with role play.

Curriculum: Life Science

Publisher: LeapFrog


Hear the syringe squeak when you practice giving a vaccine.


Check an earache and give the all clear with the purple otoscope.


Practice using the play thermometer and find out if you have a fever.


Practice using the stethoscope like a doctor and pretend to hear a heartbeat.

2 ways to play

Roll the ambulance or press the siren to learn about health and hygiene.

Launch missions

Race to the scene of the boo-boo and use 4 checkup tools to help patients.

  • Product dimensions:  9.7W x 9.6H x 5 D
  • Product weight:  0.4 lbs
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Human Body
  • Pretend Play